Thank you for visiting and evaluating our company. We welcome you to become more acquainted with our services and the tenor within which we offer our capabilities. We provide a broad array of services centered around determining the value of a mining property, whether it be conducting an economic analysis, preparing any level of feasibility study, or valuing a property, venture, or company.  In addition to this, we provide independent engineering services to assist you in working with stock exchange regulations on a global scale.  We provide qualified persons with long histories of experience and knowledge that will provide that insight to quickly cut through details to establish the critical issues.  This is important when you require a solid due diligence for that new acquisition or merger.

The primary services we offer include: 

  • Economic Assessments
  • Mining Engineering
  • Mineral Appraisals
  • Business Transactions

Our experience is global, with experience in all continents with mining operations.  We are experienced in working in remote regions as well as with a broad cross section of governments.  We also work in many of the mining commodities but certainly have our specialties.

If you have any questions, please contact us as we would be happy to be of value.  Please send an email to or call John Kyle at (1) 720-625-9585.  Our physical address is 5950 S. Moline Way  Englewood, CO 80111, USA.